Writo de Mayo: Final

Final story:
Things spun around him like merry-go-round horses. Time wavered, slow up and fast down. He tried to force the world right, saw his note.


His bluff had failed.

Not too bad. I like some of the images, though I regretted the “force the world right” line about two days into it. I think I could have made better use of other words. Ah well.

Forcing an Attention Span

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This one was successful. I managed to keep my easily distracted mind on one story for an entire month, rather than diverging when it wasn’t working. I was pretty pleased with at least one side effect of that. Rather than waiting weeks to find a solution to problematic scenes, I was able to figure it out within a few days. That saved some time on this particular project, which is always a bonus. The next step will be to get myself multi-tasking, so I can focus on more than one story at a time without any of them suffering from it.

Most importantly, however, all this means I get to have the snazzy certificate midnyteabbadon made for Writo de Mayo ^_^



by | May 31, 2008