W1S1 January Blog Chain: Character Interview

I joined up for the W1S1 January Blog chain at the Absolute Write Water Cooler. This month, the theme is to interview on of your characters, and it’s been a lot of fun seeing the different range or personalities the writers are working with.

You can see the whole chain at the link above, and check out the previous entry in the chain at KitCat’s: Twilight Asylum.

The next one is up at Misa Buckley.

I had a whole other interview planned, and then wrote this instead. I changed ideas when I realized I could just have two of my characters run the show themselves, and keep myself out of it 😉 Adanya and Skye are characters from my 2011 NaNo Novel, which is currently in the editing and revision stage.

Skye:     Change of pace for today, folks. As per usual, there’s nothing to report from last night’s attempt at getting some concrete footage. I have some lovely shots of a blurry mailbox, if anyone needs, though. Rather than bore you with that, and because she was foolish enough to say yes, I’m doing reader questions for Miss Ada.

Adanya: This’s more interesting than watching the mailbox?

Skye:     Barely. So, first question, how did we meet?

Adanya: Uh, we went to the same school in grade one.

Skye:     More details, please.

Adanya: Fine. You came in after the year had started. I made fun of your hair or freckles or something. You failed at beating me up in return.

Skye:     Only because the teachers caught us.

Adanya: Yeah, yeah. Anyway, we got sent to the principal’s office, got detention, blah, blah.

Skye:     Which leads to the obvious question, you became friends after that?

Adanya: Well, we all wound up on the same bus going home, found out you lived, like one building down, and there weren’t a lot of kids in the neighbourhood my age.

Skye:     Jerk.

Adanya: Nah. I actually felt bad, even though I only apologized ’cause my mama made me. I don’t know, is that weird?

Skye:     Maybe a little.

Adanya: Well, it helped that you got your obsession started early and I liked staying out at night. With two of use my parents weren’t quite as jumpy.

Skye:     So, you’ve been using me our whole friendship.

Adanya: Says the girl who dragged me out at three A.M. last night, just to sit by a stupid mailbox to provide a “frame of reference”.

Skye:     Which brings us to, why do you let her drag you around like that?

Adanya: ’Cause you’re crazy, and would just go out bothering ghosts alone otherwise? Actually, yeah, pretty much that.

Skye:     I don’t even leave our street. I’d be fine.

Adanya: Yeah, you say that, but they don’t always just stand around on the corners, you know?

Skye:     That’s all they do when I’m watching. I’d love to see them move.

Adanya: My brother would not agree. Whatever they did scared the shit out of him.

Skye:     He’s the one I should be interviewing.

Adanya: Which would be why he bails anytime you come over. You’re pretty freaky yourself when you get started on this stuff.

Skye:     This, of course, being the ghosts, which are real, because I’m not crazy?

Adanya: You’re asking me?

Skye:     It’s one of the common questions, “is she just crazy?”

Adanya: Well, I’m not qualified to answer that, but she’s right about the street being haunted. I wasn’t sitting alone by that mailbox, even if all the film caught was a blur. Those kids have been appearing under lampposts my whole life. Just one of those things.

Skye:     Why doesn’t that freak you out?

Adanya: Maybe just because they’ve been around so long? I mean, my parents always just said, “oh those are the ghosts, don’t mind them” and that was that. Then you moved in and got so excited, and wanted to investigate and film them and everything. Never seemed weird until then.

Skye:     What about now?

Adanya: Now it just seems kinda sad. I mean, they’re kids, you know? I’ve grown up here, and they still look like they should be heading to school tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one over, what sixteen? Fifteen?

Skye:     That’s what they look like to me.

Adanya: And all they do is stand there, looking so… empty. What for?

Skye:     If we could talk to your brother, we might find out. What was he doing anyway?

Adanya: Like he’d say. Anyway, I guess I can’t get all worried about it, ’cause I really just feel sorry for them. They’re stuck there, but if you look in their eyes, they’re really just not all there. Okay, maybe that part creeps me out. It’s better to watch them from across the street or something. I don’t know why you like walking up to them and everything.

Skye:     Because this is a big deal! Can you imagine if we could prove they really are ghosts? Reliable ones people could test?

Adanya: And if you could, then what? Really? Say you finally get one on tape, and other people come out and they film them, and the whole world knows that our ghosts are real, and then, what?

Skye:     It would change how people think.

Adanya: You’ve always been more optimistic than me. I think people’ll just find ways to spin it so they don’t have to change, because no one wants to. They just all want to be right, no matter what.

Skye:     Great. Now I’m depressed. Want to get pizza?

Adanya: Sounds good.

Skye:     Q and A over, people. Back to our regular schedule of blurry footage and ranting tomorrow.

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