W1S1 Check-in

I’ve been meaning to do a W1S1 check-in post for a while now, but I keep putting it off. Some of that comes from wanting to do it at the end of the month, when I’m least likely to be pleased with what I’ve done, but some of it comes from missing the mark in the goals I added to the main concept.

When I signed up for W1S1, I had two primary goals in addition to the general writing and submitting: make sure I was turning around the stories I have on submission at a decent rate, and bulk that list up.

I’ve been doing well at the first of these, as it’s much harder to drag my feet on submissions when I have a deadline. During the month, everything I’ve got that’s ready to send goes out the door. Score!

It’s the second one I’m having trouble with.

When I’m done a story, I have a habit of letting it rest far too long. Resting is good, languishing in the “to be revised pile” is bad. My W1S1 stories are languishing. So, for the second half of the year, I’m going to concentrate on changing that, instead of procrastinating.

This is my progress so far (W=written, R=revised, S=submitted,T=trunked). I’m going to update the chart and check-in next month, and probably at the end of every month after that. We’ll see.

My goal for the next check-in are some marks under the Rs at least, preferably the Ss as well. I’d like no more Ts for the rest of the year, but I’m realistic 😉



by | May 26, 2012