They Sucked Me Back In

Last year, after doing both Camp NaNos back to back followed by NaNo prime, I suffered from NaNo burn out. I decided I would stop participating in the camps, to avoid that this year.

Then they went and not only moved it to April, but introduced flexible word counts.

So… I’m signed up.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2013I’m still trying to finish the project I started in August last year. Over the past months, I’ve gone through the existing content and cut out anything I can no longer use. (Even when I plot, I change my mind about things part way through a draft, which can lead to a lot of lost content.)

It was an interesting experience, and my total word count went from 102,575 to 69,642. I didn’t lose enough to count for an entire NaNo session, but it was still a significant chunk. I’m hoping to avoid losing quite as much this time, though I’ve set a conservative word count to make this camp lower stress.
It will be interesting to see if that makes a difference, or if I’ll just have the same lose spread out over a longer period of time 🙂



by | Mar 25, 2013