Tarot Prompt Excercise — 250 Words

He bowed low, eyes closed, his head pressed to the grain of the training mat beneath him, and then breathed in as he sat back up. Raising his hands to his side, he clapped them, twice in succession, the sound echoing through the empty dojo. When the sound faded, he bowed again, left hand touching the mat just before his right.

When he straightened this time, he let his shoulders relax, let his breathing even out, and then he opened his eyes to look around the room. Mats covered the floor, weapons decorated the walls, and at the head of the class rested a single portrait, that of the style’s founder, with a shishi dog statue placed to either side.

He was here late. The instructor had already left, as had all the other students. He had been practising his kata, the very first one, the only one he knew. The motions were deceptively simple. He had memorized them within an hour of being shown the first time. Yet, he remained, knowing that knowing the movements and mastering them were two very different things. It was a long road before him, that of mastery, but he looked forward to the challenge.

Smiling slightly, he got rose to his feet, right leg first, then left. He straightened his gi, pulled tightly on the crisp white belt around his waist, and bowed once more (less formal this time) to the portrait of the founder, before finally leaving the school for the night.

Deck: Ancestral Path Tarot

Meaning(s) used: A time of learning, absorbing and training. Making a commitment to an ethos or organization.



by | Jun 27, 2007