Tarot Prompt Excercise — 250 Words

“Doesn’t it drive you crazy?” he asks, staring at me over the top of the round glasses. Without the purple tint of the lenses, I can finally tell that they’re green.

“What?” The sun’s started to set and the air has turned chilly. The bench is cool when I shift to a different position.

He doesn’t seem bothered by it, lying there on the grass. “Staying in one place! I mean, you’ve been here your whole life.”

“I like it here.”

He sits up, sending the beads on his fringed vest clacking against one another. “You could come with me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” I laugh, just a little. All day and only half the things he’s said have been serious.

“Come on, leave with me tonight. Just pack up and go.” He sounds earnest, but I can’t see his eyes now. The sun’s reflecting off the glasses, off the prayer beads and the peace sign on his necklace. They’re the only bright spots in the shadow he’s becoming.

It’s tempting. I can feel a tug, deep in my chest, and ache expanding when I never knew it was there in the first place. Set aside obligations, responsibilities, duty, all those other chains. Try to see what freedom really means. I’ve glimpsed it, today, letting him drag me around this town I thought I knew. What would it be like, letting him show me the world? I could. “No.”

I don’t know which of us is more surprised with the answer.

Deck: The Mythic Tarot

Meaning(s) Used: Sometimes the Knight of Wands will enter one’s life in the form of a charming, exciting, and rather unreliable young man.



by | Aug 31, 2007