Tarot Prompt Excercise — 250 Words

She stopped in the doorway, breathing heavily and leaning on the frame for support. The scent of sweet potatoes drifted up from the crock-pot, and she closed her eyes, willing strength into her fingers and hands.

“Oh, Granma-Lucy, let me take that,” a voice from her side exclaimed, right before she was relieved of her burden. She opened her eyes and smiled at the young woman with corn silk hair and helpful blue eyes.

“Thank you, dear,” she said, patting the woman’s hand. This was Davey’s youngest, she was certain, but God save her, she couldn’t remember the child’s name.

The young woman turned to carry the crock-pot into the dining room, where the family was gathering. Her four children and their spouses; her ten grandchildren (Davey among them, arguing for the right to carve the turkey) and the spouses of the ones still married; and a host of great-grandchildren on top of that. She rested against the doorway a moment longer, watching them settle down to the meal she’d prepared.

The room was busy with movement, and chatter, and good natured teasing. She smiled, enjoying the contentment she always felt when she her family was here enjoying themselves. Eventually she joined them, sitting at her place of many years, looking down the long table one time before bowing her head to say Grace. She gave thanks for her family, for the food she shared with them, and for the fact that she was still here to enjoy their company.

Deck: The Cosmic Tribe Tarot

Meaning(s) Used: Use your resources to nourish those around you.



by | Aug 22, 2007