Tarot Prompt Excercise — 250 Words

She sat at her desk, over-looking the office that was finally hers. It had taken many years to make it to partner, years of being better than the best, of proving her talent and ability time and again. There was no one now that could say she did not deserve this. At least, they could not without looking foolish, petty, or vindictive, and she was more than fine with anyone who chose to paint themselves as such.

The office was large, tidy, and she planned to keep it that way. Bookcases lined one wall, and two tall wooden file cabinets stood like sentries in the corners behind her desk. There was a sitting area to the side with the window, formed by two plush leather couches with a glass coffee table between them. A number of tasteful paintings hung on the walls, the only decorations besides her degrees, and the silver-framed pictures of her husband and children, which sat on her desk.

She smiled, knowing that they were waiting for her to get home. There would be a celebration dinner, of course. They were all as excited about this as she was; after all, they had supported her through all the many years of hard work, reminding her when she forgot that she could do this. She was looking forward to the meal, but she wanted just a few more moments in the calm order of the office. She wanted one more moment alone to enjoy this long awaited success.

Deck: The One World Tarot

Meaning(s) Used: Wealth and status are important to her, as well as order and organization.



by | Jul 13, 2007

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