Tarot Prompt Excercise — 250 Words

He sat, looking at the telephone on the bedside table. It was a simple touchtone design, not too far away, even if he didn’t try to sit up before reaching towards it. His hand stayed where it was: clenched in the bed sheets.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have anyone to call. He did, and he was certain they would answer. His hand stayed where it was.

“Mr. Donovan?” the nurse was at his door, “do you need help with the telephone?”

“No, I’ll be fine,” he answered, not looking at her. She stayed there until he finally reached for the phone, and with slow, precise movements dialled. He held the receiver lightly against his ear, not close enough to touch the bruises or swollen eye.


“Martin?” he couched a little, trying to clear the rasp from his voice.

“Keith, that you?”

“Yeah. Look, I, I need a favour.”

“Sure, man, what is it?” Martin’s voice was worried and curious and helpful.

“I need a ride, and,” he stopped talking, held his breath for a second, and then let it out, “and I might need some help walking.”

“You drunk?”

He laughed, a sharp, bitter sound that pulled at his sides where the ribs were bruised. “No. I’m at Mercy General.”

“Shit, what happened? No, never mind, you can tell me when I get there. I’ll be about ten minutes, that okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s okay.” They said goodbye, and he collapsed against the pillows, taking slow, measured breaths.

Deck: Dragon Tarot

Meaning(s) Used: Take down your barriers — let other people support you.



by | Jul 5, 2007