Spending My Time

I don’t think my life is all that busy, but there are times when I think it’s fully booked. By nature I’m a creature of habit, so I appreciate routiene. It does mean I tend to have regular activities most nights, though. It can be hard to convince myself to make space in the schedule for new things, or things that have fallen off.

Somewhere along the line, I’ve let myself fall out of the habit of writing every day. Other interests have moved in on the time I used to have allotted for it. (WoW, you evil addicting and enjoyable past time!) I keep telling myself I need to change back, but I haven’t been successful at it.

But, as they say all too often, if something is important enough, you make the time. If I can come home early to log on and fight the Brewmaster, I should be able to come home early and get some writing done. So why haven’t I done it?

Finding time means stealing it from other activities, yes, but I should still do it. As much as I don’t want to give anything up, this is important.

I need to start listening to myself for a change.



by | Sep 23, 2009