September Patreon Summary

This was a strange month for me. I’ve been struggling a little with motivation. Given NaNo is coming up, that’s something I’m going to have to work on for next month. So, I have a goal!

August Poll Results

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This month’s story was Don’t Cry. This one focused on one of the secondary characters from my IBIS series. It didn’t exactly go the way I’d expected. Originally, I started with a few Story Forge cards, but I think in the end it was more influenced by the song I was listening to when I drew the cards than the cards themselves.

Patreon Picks

Last month’s stories, Last Request and Lost and Found are available to all patrons.

This month didn’t have a Patreon Pick story, I’m afraid. I caught up to the ones I’d already finished and the next two aren’t quite where I want them yet. My plan is to go back to one a month starting in October, so hopefully they’ll play along.

Getting Ready for NaNo

My last attempt at Camp NaNo didn’t go well. I really just didn’t care. I usually do better with NaNo proper, but I think next month I need to do some prep work. Since I’d like to focus on short stories again, that’ll be some planning of what I actually want to do with them. Also, I’d like to add an additional rebel element and work in some editing. I’ll have to figure out the conversion, since it’ll be a mix of both writing and editing, but I’ll come up with something.

I think that’s all for this month!



by | Sep 30, 2023