Playlist: You’re So Real

It was an illusion. D had worked hard to create it, but there was no substance behind the act. At least, that was what everyone kept telling them. Liev wasn’t so sure anymore. Maybe back at the start, he’d bought into it, but that was part of the scam, wasn’t it?

Layers upon layers of misdirection, the tools of the trade for magicians and con artists alike. He knew which D was, but even a con was a person underneath it all. The trick was knowing when you’d reached them.

He wanted to believe this was it, wanted to believe they’d touched the core. Everyone was calling him an idiot, having an easier time of it than when they called Tomas the same, but he wasn’t so sure. After all, if they hadn’t managed to reach D at last, there wouldn’t have been a need to pull a running.

But here they were, empty guest room like a kick in guts, and the knowledge that they’d reached the real person underneath absolutely no comfort at all.



by | Apr 18, 2014