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He tried not to carry forth keepsakes. He was already burdened down by memories, he didn’t need the extra weight. It didn’t take long to realize it would be wise to hold onto a few things, however, and then it was hard to keep from tucking away things of less value. He hadn’t even pretended to believe things like the broken pottery would appreciate in value, but the future always surprised him.

As he searched the world for the key to paradise or oblivion, the pieces of his past became the relics of others. His sentimental attachments often paled in the face of their faith. And if he made some money from the transaction, well, it was only fitting they fund his wait.

Even so, there were pieces he could not part with, even if they had carried him a hundred years or more. The pottery shards, the spearhead, the stained bracelets. They sat together in a box, tucked at the bottom of the storage room, where he had to work to free them.

He didn’t often bother.



by | Nov 7, 2013

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