Playlist/Bingo: Put Your Lights On

The streets were never truly dark anymore. Even when the streetlamps burnt out there were windows, signs, traffic light, more than enough to see by. Sometimes Gai missed the deeps shadows.

He didn’t need them, but he’d always enjoyed the illusion. The way people thought evil only lived in the dark and the light would protect them. He knew better, but it was a deception he’d allowed himself for years. Now he only gave it a hat tip by keeping his hunting to the night.

Although, he had to admit, it was easier to find the prey he was looking for then. Maybe they still believed the darkness would cloak them. Maybe it usually did.

The man he followed certainly seemed to think it covered his movements, hid the way he’d been following the waitress for block, even after he stopped trying to conceal it himself. At the start he’d stuck to the shadows, lurking in an alley as she and the manager locked up and said goodnight. He’d avoided the streetlamps, keeping close to the sides of the buildings as he’d shadowed her on the far street.

It was when he crossed to her side that he gave it up. There weren’t any other people wandering these streets so late, so he could have just decided he was safe. As his pace picked up, Gai shook his head. Impatient, there was too much distance to close to be making his move so soon.

And Gai was faster.

The waitress walked on as Gai pulled the man into an alley, into the semi-dakrness that was all that existed now. The man’s eyes were shocked and wild when Gai slammed him against the wall. He struggled against the tight grip, but couldn’t get free.

Gai grinned, and the man screamed against his hand, the sound not carrying beyond the two of them. There wasn’t as much darkness on the streets now, but Gai decided there was still enough. After all, it took so much less to scare them now.



by | Aug 29, 2013