Playlist/Bingo: Nightingale

There was a song in her dreams Xue could never place. It called to mind a river of flowing water, excitement, a tower on a cliff, wonder, a cavern in the earth, fear. It was a story in words she didn’t know and a melody she could never replicate.

Each year that went by, the song grew more distant, fainter. The mixture of images and emotions being replaced by a school bus and sorrow.

She should be happy. It was what her therapist kept promising would happen. A good sign, a positive step forward. All that other positive crap.

But her therapist didn’t know she knew who was signing, always had. It hadn’t felt right to tell, and everyone needed one secret.

Xue didn’t know what hers would be when she could no longer hear Phrenza.



by | Jul 18, 2013

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