Playlist & Bingo: Grace is Gone

Tomas sat in a booth at the far back of the club and spun the ring on his finger. He hadn’t intended to do more than check the place out, but a few drinks later and he didn’t want to move anymore. The afternoon wasn’t busy, not even enough to call a crowd, but the dancers didn’t seem to mind. Some of them didn’t even seem to notice anyone was there, and he could picture the tox screens lighting up brighter than their costumes.

This was where Liev spent so many nights. Meeting a source, gathering information, all the fucking time.

“Here’s your refill,” the server said and put the full glass on the table, taking the empty away. “Sure you don’t want some company, hon?”

He tapped his ring on the table. “No thank you.”

“List’s on the menu if you change your mind.” It was the third time ey’d made sure to mention that, even though Tomas’ answer never changed. Someone must’ve scanned him going through the names anyway. He hadn’t been looking for a friend. He’d been trying to find Liev’s.

Tomas tossed the drink back and swallowed hard against the burn. When the hell had he become such a jealous shit? It wasn’t like he didn’t trust Liev. He’d said nothing had happened, so Tomas knew nothing had happened. It didn’t change that he was being left all the same.

He spun through the names on the menu one more time, but didn’t click any. Instead he tapped another refill and leaned back against the cushion. One more and he’d go home. One more and he’d find out for certain. One more and it was all over.



by | May 23, 2013