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There were dangers in the woods. Keethe had heard nothing else of them in his short stay in the town, but he hadn’t given the warnings any credit. The trees had long since been his allies, and what were woods if not trees?

Foolish. He had forgotten that the trees had no say over who, or what, walked among them, and as allies could not even give warning. With night even the faint light of the sun had vanished, and the cover here was too thick for the borrowed moonlight to reach him. He was left to the shadows, to his pounding heart, and to Tobin’s warning.

It will come when you are alone.

Keethe had intended that, when he had entered the woods in the warmth of the afternoon, but his conviction had fled with the light. Now he wanted the solace of a warm fire and the security of firm walls. He wanted the inn, despite the threat, or the temple. Gods, he missed the temple. He wished he’d had a selfish bent, one strong enough to have made him stay.

But they would have been forced to turn him away once they acknowledged what stirred beneath his skin. They had no cure, no solution. Only Tobin had offered one, and now Keethe’s trust in his word seemed childish. What did the other man know of the wolf, and where had be come by the knowledge?

Why had Keethe not through to ask before accepting his guidance?

In the darkness of the forest he sank to his knees and waited. Between the trees he could hear the beast’s approach, but his courage had shattered. He could no longer hold the knife. The study ash handle dropped from his hand, lost fallen leaves. Keethe bent his head as the wolf at last crept close enough to feel the brush of its breath against his neck.



by | May 2, 2013

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