Playlist & Bingo: Blood of a Young Wolf

It was one of those nights. Liev didn’t want to take the call, but he had a rep now. There was no getting out of it.

“You need to do something!”

It always came back to that. They called security because tech support called them crazy, and who else was there?

“Just make it go away.”

As if it were that simple.

Liev knelt before the figure in the caller’s living room. It was a young man, handsome in an old fashioned movie kind of way, a Brad Pitt type, maybe Val Kilmer. His eyes were empty, though. Even when he could see right through them to the couch against the far wall, he could see there would have been nothing there if he couldn’t. The man’s rolled up sleeve and limply held needle gave Liev a hint of the cause, though he still had a hard time believing people jabbed metal into their own arms. Tomas swore it was true, and after seeing this, Liev had to accept it. Disitol patches didn’t seem half so bad compared to this, even if the result on the people was the same.

Not that it mattered now. This guy was long past saving. All he could do now was banish the after image, add him to his growing list of ghosts.



by | Apr 18, 2013