Playlist & Bingo: Anywhere, Somewhere

Phantasim wasn’t even in full swing yet, but the tables by the runways were packed. Proximity made friends of strangers, and they all wanted to be close to the dancers. It was almost sad, how much Arnold wasted on the holos farther back. Only the shy ones picked them over the real thing, or the ones who weren’t really there for the show.

D scanned the room, but Liev wasn’t in one of the booths tonight. It meant not dodging questions about the client who honestly just wanted to talk, but it also meant no distractions. Everyone in the club was there fore the stated purpose, and the lack of an undercurrent made D remeber just how damn quiet it was when all anyone was interesting in was the show.

There were recordings being made, of course, despite the ban. Harley was testing a new routiene based around a high-backed chair. Given the number of streams running in his area, he had a hit on his hands. On the next runway over Corvin’s biggest fan was adding to his personal collection of holos as he watched eir spin around the aluminum pole, eir own reflections as back-up dancers. The third show was a more simple fan dance, one Ki had down pat, but it was still catching enough of the newbies for them to want copies.

Arnold tried his best to stop them, all the owners of the good places did, but it never mattered. The audience collected the dancers all the same. It was common enough even D hardly noticed them doing it anymore. The tedium made it quiet as a whisper. It was only on a night of absolutely nothing else that ey noticed. On those nights when D wanted to scream, grab the next patron that walked by and offer a night away from the club just for the change. Almost, but not quite. Instead, D hunted down Mack and asked for another shift. The schedule had the space, and it was a safer distraction.



by | Apr 11, 2013