Picture Prompt Exercise — 15 Minutes

She was lying on her back in the hammock, staring up through the bare leaves of the tree in her yard. It was only just before the snow would start to fall, everything was still brown and yellow. It was probably the last chance she’d get to sit out in the yard until after the winter was over. The thought was pretty depressing, and she slowly worked her way towards accepting that the hammock would have to come in with her when she left today.

For now, though, she stretched, felt the fabric shift underneath her, felt the strange sagging that came from only being supported from either end, nothing in the middle. She liked the feeling. Sometimes, she’d close her eyes, pretend that she was in a berth on a pirate ship, other people hanging off the sides around her, on their way to some strange new port, with stops to pillage on the way. It was clod enough now to make the fantasy that much more believable. She let her breath out slowly, and looked down the street with a yawn that turned to a gasp.

She sat straight up, or tried to, ended up dumping herself out of the hammock and onto the dry grass, but she didn’t really care. Her eyes were glued to the strange shaped in the clouds above the street. Oblong, like some sort of extended jelly fish, drawn down at the middle, floating with the clouds like they were an ocean.

They were blue, same colour as the sky on the other side of the clouds, but so distinct. She could imagine what could be making such a shape, unless it really was some sort of creature, one in the sky instead of the water, floating blissfully along to, where? Where would such a creature go, and how come she hadn’t heard of one before?

The shapes were moving closer, creeping towards her house, and she finally got out from under the hammock and up to her feet. A creature, it could be, but what if it wasn’t? What then? A ship maybe, the space equivalent of the one she constantly imagined herself on. A group of aliens in their space-hammock berths, swinging and waiting for the next port. Hammocks and aliens the same colour as the sky, so that the strange ship could really been seen from so far down.

Behind her, the screen door banged open, she took her eyes off the ships, just for a second, and spun around to see her brother standing there. “Look!” she called to him, pointing at the shapes in the sky. “Look at that!”

He took a sip from the soda can he was carrying, and then followed where she was pointing. “Huh, strange clouds.”

“Clouds,” she muttered as he walked around and towards the garage. She looked back up at the shapes in the sky, but they were farther down the road now, not as distinct as they had been a second before. “Just clouds.”

Prompt: Earth Science Picture of the Day: July 3, 2007



by | Jul 3, 2007