Picture Prompt Exercise — 15 Minutes

Regular routine and, man, wasn’t that getting just a little bit dull. Of course, her friends at home would think she was crazy for finding anything out here dull, but then, they weren’t trapped on a space station, and honestly, watching even another planet spin got boring after a while. Sure, there was a little bit of excitement brewing. One of the moons was going to circle in front of the planet’s surface, one of the ones with about a 100 year orbit, and the scientists were all in a tizzy over it. Just about the only thing that she’d seen get a few of them excited since coming out here. Her overall impression of the group? Can you say stereotypes? Sure, and she could too, but that didn’t stop it from being true. It was like they’d picked the most dull, unimaginative losers in the universe to send out here. She normally stopped this line of thought right at this point, because otherwise she’d have to take into consideration exactly what that assessment said about her.

Except, she seemed to be the only one who ever got bored around here. The others were boring, but never bored. They had facts and figures and sensor scans to go over, and when they were done that, why they could go over them again, hurrah! Nope, she defiantly wasn’t suited to being here, wasn’t suited to this crowd, and wasn’t suited to being trapped on an orbital city that didn’t even have a decent Cineplex. The least they could’ve done was stocked the databanks with a nice selection, but nope, even that smacked of too much excitement.

All in all, the passing moon was starting to look better all the time. So much so that when the commander asked if she was looking forward to it, she could answer in all honesty that she was. It was something out of the ordinary, and hey, even if it just meant more scans and more studies, it still meant something that was not the regular routine on a regular day.

She managed to get her monitor tuned to one of the better angle for seeing the moon, which was pretty terrible for seeing the planet’s rings. The pang of disappointment made her smile; maybe she wasn’t quite as immune to the beauty out here as she’d thought only a few moments ago. Getting over the thin line that would be the ring from a different view point, she waited for the moon to enter her view screen.

It did, a small black circle from this far out, but still visible, looking like it was moving as fast as the clouds back on Earth did, but only because they were so far away, and the station had its own orbit around a neighbouring satellite. She watched, until the circle moved far enough in that it looked like the pupil of a great eye. She smiled again at the flight of fancy. A giant eye in the centre of the cosmos, only visible once every hundred years, a sleeping deity’s view of the world, maybe. Her sister’s would call her a kid for even thinking it, but at least it meant that her imagination hadn’t completely atrophied out here.

The moon along it’s path, the eyes shifting it’s focus, until it reached the point where it seemed to be looking right at her through the monitor. Before she knew it, her breath caught in her throat, as she imagined once again, the larger than life figure who owned that eye. But it was a silly day dream, and she forced the breath into her lungs again as she banished the childish thoughts. She’d managed to calm down again, get over the image and the irrational fear, put it all aside. At least, she managed it, until the eye blinked.

Prompt: NASA Image of the Day: May 22, 2007



by | May 22, 2007