Picture Prompt Exercise — 15 Minutes

He walked through the hallway with careful, measured steps. The Inn was old, and the floorboards creaked if you stepped in the wrong place. His path was a solitary slow dance, moving around each and every one of those spots as he dimmed the lights. The lamps, after he was finished, would be bright enough to that any latecomers would find their rooms, but dim enough to maintain the impression of night.

When his task was completed, he turned around, weaving around the creaking boards as though they were landmines. In the darkened light, his movements were slower, his steps not even whispering on the carpet. He came to a halt outside room 214, swallowed, and with motions as precise as his steps had been, went to his knees.

The brass door handle swept past his eyes, and he ducked his head until he was eye-level with the keyhole. The old hotel maintained all the old fixtures, which was one of the reason he’d taken this job. Closing one eye, he used the other to peer through to the room beyond.

The drapes were open, but not the lighter gauze curtains. He could see the room’s occupant silhouetted against the light from outside. She was standing with one arms raised to her head, the other resting against her legs, almost as though she were posing for him.

He licked his lips, and leaned a fraction closer. His eyes traced the curves of her legs up to her hip, to the slight hint of her breast along the side of her chest, rolled over her shoulder down her firm arms to her hand, which was now moving away from her leg. Now, he could see the knife, the long curved blade with the serrated teeth on the inside edge. He bit back a gasp, turned his gaze from the woman, thought he could make out the shape of a limp hand reaching out from the bed sheets.

He dived back, hands flailing out to catch himself. They landed on the wood, which issued a deafening creak in the quiet hall.

Prompt: Voyeur, Digital Image Cafe Photos of the Day: August 28, 2007



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