Picture Prompt Exercise — 15 Minutes

He sat on the shore, watching the waves. They looked different, down here and during the day. Somehow, they were less lonely.

In the night, they were as dark as the sky, but far more restless. He could see them churn in the beam of the lighthouse. They reached up, singing to the sky in crashing and rocking echoes. It seemed to him, at times, as though they were screaming, “We’re here! We’re here! You can’t see us anymore, but we’re still here!”

He knew how they felt.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t known beforehand that the post would be lonely. He’d looked forward to the solitude, in fact. A chance to get away from everyone and everything. A chance to perform a duty of worth.

He hadn’t expected it to weigh upon his mind like this. If he did his duty well, and he did, then he would never know. It was only when the light failed to warn the ships that anything was heard of them. Usually shrieking metal and the drowning cries of the crew.

He chuckled to himself, and tossed a stone into the calm daytime waters. No, no one had heard anything of him since he took the position. So he was left to exist here in anonymity. When the night was dark and the singing of the ocean the only sounds, his thoughts turned melancholy. They tended to take on the depressing phrases of high school poetry: would anyone notice if I died today? Would the world simply continue on as it had?

Likely, it would. There were precious few to be effected by it, after all. At least, there were few, unless a ship needed the light in the time between his death and anyone noticing.

Prompt: The Lone Sentry, Digital Image Cafe Photos of the Day: August 12, 2007



by | Aug 12, 2007

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