October Patreon Summary

And October is done! We had a great time watching horror movies and shows this month. I’m sad to see it go.

September Poll Results

The selection for September 2023 was:

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This month’s story was Louie Capone. This was supposed to be a short little piece playing with omniscient voice, and I thought I was just going to leave him there on the pavement. But then I decided to carry it on a little farther, and I’m still not certain I’m happy with that choice.

Patreon Picks

The Patreon Pick story for this month was Transcendence,  which was the result of the amount of anti-MLM content I watch on YouTube. I cannot remember how that became a thing the algorithm suggests for me, but it is now.

NaNo Begins

As we go into November, so NaNoWriMo begins. I’ve got a slate of short stories to write (I’m fine rebelling), and my hope is to complete the lot. I might also work editing in, because it’d be nice to have them fully complete. If I don’t go that direction, I’ll get the rest of my words in working on a novella I need to adjust some character motivation in. We’ll see what happens!



by | Nov 2, 2023