NaNoLJers Bingo: Silence

The static was gone. It was the first thing he noticed, and for an unknowable time the relief swallowed everything else. Then came the shame.

They were in trouble, all of them, and he was hiding, grateful to be trapped? He hadn’t realised he’d grown that weak.

But resolve solved nothing. He couldn’t leave. the barriers were electrified, pain he couldn’t have created himself. Even when he pictured and unit, there were chains laced across, inking charges. He sat down in front of them, and listened to nothing.

He’d forgotten what silence, true silence, was like. How it felt to have the only thoughts in his head be his own. It was everything he’d wished for since the static began to rule his life. But what he needed now was to reach his brothers.

The silence was torture.



by | Mar 21, 2013

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