NaNoLJers Bingo: Ritual

Adam knelt in the centre of the room, and placed the dagger in front of him. He’d searched for years to find something that matched the one he’d taken from the sepulcher. In the end, he’d had to get it custom-made, and even then the weight was off. He’d learned to accept close, but not quite.

It was only the bracelets that were just right. They’d been sold as leather cuffs, but he knew what they were. He set them beneath the dagger, and saw the blade shift, that much sharper, and when he picked it up, that much closer to truth.

Adam took a deep breath, held it, and let it out. He repeated it until the pattern was instinctual. The pace was one step up from sleeping, and when he reached out for the bracelets, the move was slow and smooth. His vision had the hazy edge of a dream. He slipped the dagger into the sheath on his belt and stood.

Some nights he couldn’t find the sight he needed, couldn’t see beneath the surface. Tonight he didn’t have to worry the ability was gone, didn’t have to fear he was too far to ever return. Tonight he was that much closer again.

It was time to hunt.



by | Apr 4, 2013