NaNoLJers Bingo: Reflection

“Don’t you ever feel any shame?”

William had asked it, of course. The only one in the family who ever really gave Lorne shit. And, of course, his answer was an arrogant, “Why should I?”

A deflection, really, if anyone looked too close, but William never would. Besides, he’d thought it was the truth when he’d said it. He was doing what he wanted to, what he needed to, that was all.

There was shame now, though. He almost wished he’d let himself feel it before, if only to build up a resistance. He finally understood what people meant when they said they wanted to be able to look themselves in the eyes.

“You asshole,” his reflection said. “You just proved him wrong. You are the scum they all think you are. He should never have trusted you.”

He’d always been good at saying a lot in a look.



by | Mar 28, 2013