Month of Plotting!

I hate plotting. Haaaaaaate it.

However, last NaNo showed me that the inefficiencies in my pantsing method don’t work for me anymore, either. The combination has been frustrating.

Last year I found the Snowflake Method, which looks like it might work for me. I replotted one book last year, and made plans to two others, as well as a few new ideas. All of those are still sitting in my “to do” pile.

So, for Camp NaNo this year, I’ve decided work on that weakness in my process. I am going to spend this month figuring this plotting thing out, finally getting those projects ready.


I’ve decided to break the Snowflake Method up, and assign each piece a percentage of the total project. By the end, if I succeed at my goal, I’ll have three books plotted all the way through the scene breakdowns. On the off change I finish early, I’ll add another one.

Honestly though, with my track record, this is a daunting challenge. For the first time in a while, I’m a little worried about meeting my NaNo goal.

That’s kind of fun.



by | Mar 22, 2015