May Patreon Summary

How is it the end of the month already? I swear I was ready for May when it started, and now we’re at the end and I can’t believe it.

Poll Results

May’s poll was for the April 2022 pick.

This time, the choice is:

Family Tree

The prompt for this snippet was:

Who said that?

I think there’s some interesting potential with this one.

Stories Posted

Yesterday I posted Keepsakes for Patrons in the Lounge. Glad I got that one up before the end of the month. I think July may be another Patreon Picks project month.

Last month’s story, Landmarks, is now available to all patrons.


This month’s story was Wayfairing. I stepped back from Elemental Nature only to pick up another snippet series. This story features Nimin, a character from my Lost Home snippets.

I don’t know if that series will ever have a longer work, or if it will just keep developing through these short pieces, but I enjoy it.

I hope to have more to share in June. We’ll see if the month gets away from me again.



by | May 31, 2022