May Patreon Summary

May has been an interesting one. I got some editing in, but focused on a different project than I’d intended. I also finally started getting ready for a project I’ve been planning for months. Hopefully more information on that, soon. For now, let’s wrap up the month.

April Poll Results

The selection for April 2024 was:

The prompt for this snippet was:

It might be the coffee talking…

This will be interesting. When I’m writing the snippets, I’m often creating a set-up without knowing any of the actual details. This is one of those cases. I have a vague idea, but nothing concrete. Now I have to fill those in.


This month’s story was The Discrete Watcher.

This is another of the more magical consequences for the series. I kind of wish I’d thought of this one before thinking of the Siren, because I want to swap them in the order. I’ll have to think about shuffling the signs once I finish the series. The tricky part will be keeping track of where the Harbinger and the Conductor are in their own arcs.

Patreon Picks

Last month’s Patreon Pick story, To Have and To Hold, is now available to all paid patrons.

This month’s Patreon Pick story for patrons in the Lounge is Circles of Hell. This is the first time a snippet from one of my short story series has won the poll, as this is part of my Elemental Nature series. It was kind of fun to add to that as part of the Patreon Picks.

Stalking the Dead Bundle

The Stalking the Dead Bundle is still available until June 13th. It’s a fantastic collection of books, and I’m quite proud to be in such good company.

Stalking the Dead at StoryBundle

The bundle is $5 for the base four titles, and $20 for all eleven, including the two boxed sets.



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