March Patreon Summary

Poll Selection

March’s poll was for the February 2022 pick.

This time, the choice is:

The prompt for this snippet was:

Love at first sight.

Yeah, I don’t always reach far for my titles.

Patreon Picks Stories Posted

This month I posted The Fortress, which is exclusive to patrons in the Lounge for this month.

Last month’s story, Starlight Walk, is now available to all patrons.

Patreon Benefits

The story this month is Voilà L’illusion, starting Annette’s story. I’m going to have to do another one with her at some point, because I didn’t expect her to wind up where she did.T

New Tier Names!

After some consideration, I renamed my tier levels with something unconnected to the rewards they provide.

Playing off the name of my publishing imprint Set Yerself Down, the tiers are now:

  • Hall
  • Lounge
  • Study (currently hidden)

The temptation to create enough tiers to have a whole Clue board is great, but I will resist.

Now I just need to work on what I need to do so I can add the Study tier back.



by | Mar 31, 2022