March Patreon Summary

I think I did a bit better job balancing things this month. April will bring the first special event of the year at 4thewords. This year, given my focus is editing, I’m going to be working on a novella. There will be some re-writing, as I have to do some character changes, but I am hopeful I’ll be able to get through it all.

February Poll Results

The selection for February 2024, and the first selection from Behind the Green Door, was:

The prompt for this snippet was:

I refuse to allow an ancient evil to rise.

I don’t know. I just liked the idea of people stopping the end of the world by using a pretend game to cover the real ritual.


This month’s story was The Harbinger, the third story in the Crossway Zodiac, and the first of what I’m calling the spokes. They’re the ones who show up in every story, though with no fixed form.

Patreon Picks

Last month’s Patreon Pick stories, Path to Ebonbury, Special Delivery, and Routine, are now available to all patrons.

This month’s Patreon Pick stories for patrons in the Lounge are Easy Button and But You Go.



by | Mar 31, 2024

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