June Patreon Summary

When I sent a message to let my patrons know posts in July would be running a little late I didn’t expect that to start right out of the gate, but here we are. I went away for the Canada Day weekend, and unfortunately didn’t get the end of month or poll posts up before then, so here’s a combination of the two.

Poll Results

June’s poll was for the May 2022 pick.

Morning in the Kitchen

The prompt for this snippet was:

Where am I?

Stories Posted

I didn’t get a Patreon Picks post up for June either. Yikes. However, May’s story, Keepsakes, is now available to all patrons.


This month’s story was more of a side-piece called Magic Show. It’s a scene from the universe of my short story trilogy Wardens, one that helped develop the final piece, but didn’t make it into the story proper.



by | Jul 4, 2022