June Patreon Summary

End of the month wrap-up, already. June was a bit strange for me, a combination of weeks that seemed long but a month that seemed far too short. I’m sure I’ve said this here before, but time is weird.

May Poll Results

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This month’s story was Bind the Ghost. It’s one I’ve had in my “idea file” for years, but only picked up to finally write a few months ago. It’s an idea I’d like to incorporate into a larger work, but I’m pleased with this first pass at it.

Patreon Picks

Last month’s stories, Love at First Sight and Our Stars, are now available to all patrons.

This month’s stories, Family Tree, Morning in the Kitchen, and Random Thought, are available to patrons in the Lounge.

Family Tree was one of my favourites of the Patreon Picks so far. Random Thought was one of the most frustrating. I had to take a couple of stabs at that one to reach something I was happy with.



by | Jun 30, 2023