July Patreon Summary

Whelp, July was pretty much as off as I’d expected at the start of the month. I’m going to be back on track this month, but I am going to put a little more flexibility in. This is a test, really, to see if I do better with the strict deadlines than loose ones. (I do not do well with none ?)


There will still be one story a month, but rather than posting on a specific day, I’ll post it in the first half of the month.

Similarly, there will still be four snippers a month, one per week for the first four weeks. I’m going to take away the day requirement, but I really like posting on Thursdays, so it’s possible they’ll still wind up then.

Poll Results

The winner of June’s poll (which I forgot to post earlier; July, man) was A Random Thought.

The prompt for that snippet was:

Excuse me.

That became the opening line, and the rest flowed from there.


July’s story came in at the last minute, but is Duty. This is a story in a world I haven’t posted much from so far, but I did a Story Forge spread that gave me elements I thought fit a situation I had planned for some of the secondary characters.

That’s all for July. This August one of my goals is to clear out my quest book and battle queue on 4thewords, so here’s to a better August!



by | Aug 1, 2022