July Patreon Summary

And we’re at the end of July! A pretty good month, but I feel like the summer has vanished on me. I need to accept this is just my life now.

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This month’s story was We Are Made of Stars. It’s another one from my “idea file” and another one I chose to try a smaller piece than originally expected. I think this one might work best, with the idea as it is, for a short story. It’d make a good setup for a longer work, but I’d need to come up with something else to come from it for anything larger. So, I’m glad I pulled it out for this month.

Patreon Picks

Last month’s stories, Family Tree, Morning in the Kitchen, and Random Thought are now available to all patrons.

This month’s stories, Last Request and Lost and Found are available to patrons in the Lounge.

I really like how Lost and Found shook out. While I also like Last Request, I this is one I think would really need a novella or longer. I might set this in the stack of stories I am slowly building of short stories that hold the seeds for another work.



by | Jul 31, 2023