January Patreon Summary

Poll Selection

January’s poll was for the December 2021 pick.

Closing out the Book of Days, the final snippet selection is:

The prompt for this snippet was:

Write about a fire.

Patreon Picks Stories Posted

In January, I posted Mend the Fence. This is limited to Snippets supporters for a few more weeks. As I mentioned in the poll post last month, I’m going to keep them that way for at least a month, so that will open to all patrons sometime this month. (I might make it the end of the month, just so I have an easy schedule to track.)

Patreon Benefits

January’s story was Inheritance, about a character Myung who first turned up as a side-character in some of my snippets from the Book of Days. I don’t actually plan to have all the stories this year relate to this group, but they’re apparently on my mind at the moment. 

I didn’t actually know much about Myung before starting this, aside from her name and that she was a Quake, so I enjoyed finding out where she came from.


I also think I need more interesting names for my supporter tiers than I currently have. These are functional, but boring. Just need to figure out a theme…



by | Feb 2, 2022

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