January Patreon Summary

We’re now a month into 2024. I’ve been working on maintaining a proper schedule for my work, as well as shifting my priorities to getting some of my existing work finished, and I think I’ve doing a decent job of that. So, thing on that score are looking good.

December Poll Results

The selection for December 2023, and the last selection from Creative Writing Prompts, was:

The prompt for this snippet was:


This one will take me back to my Elemental Nature universe, which I am looking forward to.


This month’s story was The Tarnished Knight, which kicks off a new series.

I have, in the past, picked a theme for my stories here without ever announcing that’s what I’m doing. They’ve all fallen apart a few months in, though, and I don’t want that to happen with this one. So, this is the start to a series I am tentatively calling the Crossway Zodiac, which is loosely inspired by the Dark Zodiac from the movie Thirteen Ghosts (2001), which I absolutely love. Mostly for the ghosts, to be honest.

So, I have twelve stories to write, and twelve signs in the Zodiac. I’m trying to decide how much connection I want between them. Right now, there are strings in each, so we’ll see what happens when I have to commit to doing more or not.

Patreon Picks

Last month’s Patreon Pick stories, Crystal Cache and Through the Mirror, are now available to all patrons.

This month’s Patreon Pick stories for patrons in the Lounge are They Are Displeased and Are You Out There.

Plans for 2024

As I mentioned at the start, I’m looking at finishing things for 2024. This will include getting my Patreon Picks completed and posted, as well as looking at my new series. That one will take a little longer, as it needs a bit more work, but I don’t want to let it keep sitting there.

On top of that, I’ve got some plans for the Patreon, but I’ll talk about those closer to having them ready. So, lots to do, but I’m looking forward to it.



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