In My Bones, Story Behind the Story

When we published Forgotten Lore last year, we made the eBooks free, but there was the question of what to do with money for the paperback (and some locales on Amazon the still haven’t gone free). We decided to donate any revenue to charity, and Rhonda suggested Fauna Foundation.

This year, we got to make our first donation to support some chimpanzees, so it was a good time to remind people about the collection and talk a little more about its creation and stories. I normally don’t talk about the inspiration for my stories, but one of my goals for this year is to add some more behind-the-scenes and process posts, so this is a good time to start that.

My story in Forgotten Lore is “In My Bones.” It’s about an engineer who was placed in charge of an environmental regulation station right before the apocalypse. The placement was only supposed to be for a few years, but it became the rest of his life when everything fell apart outside.

Many years ago, I got the idea of doing a series based on a collection of songs. Once I finally started preparing a list, and realized with the original criteria it would be much longer than I’d counted on, I set it aside. But it never actually went away, and neither did the idea for the very first story. So when Rhonda presented the Blanket Fort with the cover for Forgotten Lore (and we kept the title that was on the pre-made), I came back to the idea for that first story.

I’d always planned for the story to have a post-apocalyptic/dystopian-future setting and a protagonist who survived the end of the world with knowledge from their earlier life. Having “Forgotten Lore” as our theme added the elements of having knowledge that was lost elsewhere, but which needed to be passed on. The theme of the collection gave me Uldrich and the petitioner at the door, and they came together with the original inspiration to form the story.

So, to share the complete the story behind this story, here’s the song that inspired the original idea:

(I was going to just use the official music video, but there are no stuffed animal dog fights in my story and I didn’t want to mislead anyone.)

I think once you know that, you can probably see its influence in the final story.

For now, I’m not going to give the song criteria I originally set, because now I’ve started the series, I’m going to keep it going. I’ve just got to figure out a criteria that’ll cut the list down a bit. Maybe. Maybe it’ll just be something I work on for years.

If you don’t already have a copy, you can get your copy of the Forgotten Lore eBook for free. If you prefer paperback, you can pick one up while helping support some chimpanzees.

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