In My Bones, Forgotten Lore

Earlier this year, Rhonda Parrish began a project on her Discord server (Blanket Fort): a collection of short stories by the authors who hang out on the server.

Today, that anthology, Forgotten Lore, is available!

Forbidden magic, half-remembered Gods, the secrets to immortality, final outposts, bloody vengeance and fantastical creatures all abound in these stories by Krista D. Ball, Katelyn Brehm, M.L.D. Curelas, Rhonda Parrish, Katie Rodante, BD Wilson and Tristan Wolfe.

The eBook of Forgotten Lore is available for free on all platforms except Amazon. You can find it for free here:

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow us to set the book to free on our own. Therefore, until they respond to the request to make it free (if they do), the eBook does have a cost on Amazon. If you’re using a kindle, I’d recommend grabbing it from the Bookfunnel list above instead if it’s still showing a price.

Edit: Amazon priced match to free rather quickly! So I’ve moved it to the list with the others.

You can also pay and get a paperback copy if you’d prefer that:



by | Nov 21, 2022