Get More Short Stories on my Patreon

On January first I launched a new Patreon to share my short stories and the first was posted yesterday.

I’ll be releasing a new story every month available to all Patrons, and those at the second tier also receive my horror-anthology-style serial story The Late Night Whispers Club, which will run all year.

If you enjoy reading my short stories, please check it out. This month’s is the fantasy short story Counting Sheep.

They say things are moving on the Plains of Aslinea, but Cereda doesn’t believe it. Not until a lamb goes missing and she discovers something is stalking her in the night.

Become a Patron!

This is a new opportunity to share my work and to experiment a little. For example, with my daily snippets, where I post small writing pieces and my patrons get to vote for the ones that I’ll turn into a full-length story.

Launching this is both scary and exciting, but it’s going to be fun!