Fortune Cookie Prompt Exercise — 250 Words

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a big deal. They were only a pair of sunglasses, after all. It wasn’t like she’d lost her wallet, or a wedding ring, or something like that. In the grand scheme of things, they weren’t even an expensive loss, just a pair of plastic glasses from a hotel gift shop.

Of course, the grand scheme of things didn’t take into account the fact that her grandfather had bought her those sunglasses on their trip to San Francisco. Or the fact that he’d died later that year. Or the fact that the fire in her mother’s house last month had pretty much eliminated all the family photos and keepsakes.

So the grand scheme of things could just bugger off while she kept searching. Even if she had to go over the entire house three more times (she’d done three already), she was not going to stop. There was no way she could just let it go, or go buy another pair, there just wasn’t.

When she found then, knocked under a bookcase that hadn’t been moved in months, she held them close and tried to keep from crying. (Pretty much a hopeless attempt, that.) She might have felt a little silly, cradling the plastic to her chest and sniffling, might even have been embarrassed if there was anyone around to see her. But maybe not. They might just be a pair of sunglasses, but they weren’t “only” that, not by a long shot.

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by | Jul 1, 2007