Fortune Cookie Prompt Exercise — 250 Words

“Oh my god, I don’t believe it.” Jessica’s stopped eating and is staring over my shoulder and across the lunchroom.

“What?” Billy’s eyeing me from the side of the room behind Jessica, while sitting with Lousia who is fuming.

“Seriously, Randi, look at this.” She’s stopped drinking her juice, and the other girls are looking with her.

She’s not going to stop nagging until I do it, so I give Billy a wink, Lousia a smirk, and then turn around. “You have got to be kidding me.” Standing in line is Eeaky Freaky Beaky in a mini-skirt and tank top, her hair done up in perm that’s got to be a home job.

“I know!” Jessica’s starting to laugh now. “Who does she think she is?”

“Someone with a much smaller ass, obviously. I can’t believe they make minis for wide loads.”

The table next to us is laughing, and Beaky’s looking over her shoulder, eyes wide. She looks at us, and I look her up and down before starting to giggle.

“You can see all the veins in her thighs,” Jessica says, “It’s called tanning, girl. Try it.”

I sit back. “Now, girls, it’s not her fault. Her mother obviously read her two many fairy tales. She hasn’t figured out that ugly ducklings grow up to be bigger, fatter, uglier ducks.” Oops, my voice was loud enough to carry and Eeaky Freaky heard me. She spins back around, shoulders slumping.

I turn back around, and smile at Billy again.

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by | Sep 4, 2007

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