Fortune Cookie Prompt Exercise — 250 Words

They were missing something, he was sure of it. The table in front of him was covered: bank statements, crime scene photos, witness statements, and evidence bags. None of it conclusively proved murder. He sat back and sighed. He just had to look at it in another way. Standing on his head, maybe?

With a groan, he rubbed his eyes and then stood up. The lab door banged against the wall as he left the room. The hallway wasn’t crowded this time of night, but the few people there avoided his path as he stalked towards the vending machine.

He stopped before reaching it, his attention caught by a rumpled newspaper dropped on one of the benches. The case was front-page centre. Picking it up, he scanned through the sensationalist drivel, and then froze.

Mr. Vaugh’s next murder-mystery, about a man who gets away with his wife’s murder, is due out next month.

Publicity. That’s what he was missing. Maybe not a motive for murder this time, but motive enough to play shady at the scene of an accident. Especially when you knew well enough that the police were going to look at the husband first. Standard operating procedure, and Mr. Vaugh was just the sort to know that.

Junk food forgotten, he ran back to the lab, smiling as he felt the start of a rush that sugar couldn’t touch. The evidence wasn’t inconclusive after all; he just had to look at it in the right way, after all.

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by | Aug 26, 2007

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