Fortune Cookie Prompt Exercise — 250 Words

She gasped as her head broke the surface of the water. The floating dock bobbed on the ripples she sent out, floaters clanging together. Her hand found the ladder and she clung to it, throat sore and eyes stinging.

The sun was already setting, bright and painful as the last time she was at the lake. The last time, she’d watched it through tears of rage and hurt. Now, the tears in her eyes were from frustration.

Before, she’d swum out here to get away from him, from the hurtful words that were breaking her heart. She’d reached the dock, sat shivering as the sun set. Her teeth started to chatter, her skin broke out in goose pimples, and still she didn’t go back in. She sat there, until the sky started to darken, and then she’d stood, just let it all go.

It had seemed so final, like nothing could be done. Seemed like that to him as well, maybe. By the time their car had reached the city, they were on their way to working it out. A few months later, they’d succeeded. Now she was back at the dock, freezing n the water and hopelessly searching for what she’d thrown away.

When the light of the sun caught, reflected back at her from below instead of above, she didn’t believe it. Even though she’d come looking, she hadn’t actually expected to find it. Still, there snagged on the edge of the dock’s floater, her sparkling engagement ring.

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by | Aug 18, 2007