Fortune Cookie Prompt Exercise — 250 Words

The long stretch of road saw very little traffic on a typical night. This was not a typical night. Carpooling had been offered and accepted, but the vehicles still lined the road shoulders, and police cars had arrived to make sure what traffic there was could get past them.

The field was not used by its owner, though it had been used by someone. It was overgrown, damp where rainwater couldn’t escape, and normally empty, except for that one, frequent, visitor. Tonight, all of the passengers from the abandoned vehicles stood on the sodden grass, covering the ground in a crowd as thick as the overgrowth.

The sounds here were few, a couple of insects, perhaps a bird or two, but nothing more. There was nothing larger, nothing living, and therefore, no noise. As the people shifted there were now whispers of cloth, the occasional cough, many tears, and the murmured words of consolation and comfort that accompanied them.

The nights here were usually dark. It was a side road, too far from any city to warrant street lamps. The only lights were those of the stars and the moon. Slowly, on this night, pin pricks appear in the crowd, dancing candle flames spreading from hand to hand. The dark crowd becomes individual people, illuminated by the light in their hand, united by the memories of those lost, who were found in this far away and lonely place. United by the need to prevent anyone else from being abandoned here.

“I’ve been looking for you,” said the figure reclining on the cushions.

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by | Aug 2, 2007