Fortune Cookie Prompt Exercise — 250 Words

He looked around the clearing, let his bag drop to the ground, and took a deep breath. This was where he would build.

The land in the clearing was flat, wide enough for a cottage. There was a fresh water stream within an easy walk, one that led to a lake only a day of good hiking away. There were plenty of edible plants in the forest, and hunting when the season was right. When it wasn’t, then he would have enough space still to store plenty of food, to be self-sufficient throughout the long winter. He might even have space for a vegetable garden.

Here he would have the peace and quiet he’d been looking for his whole life. Once the cottage was built, he would have shelter, warmth from a fire. For now, his own company would be enough. When that changed, he would make a journey into town and win himself a wife. There had to be more than one woman whose heart longed for fresh air and the sounds of the wilderness. A woman who longed for a man that appreciated those same things.

Smiling, he bent to retrieve his canteen from the pack. That was all in the future, however. This night he would camp as he had been for many nights. When morning came, he would scout for the trees he would need. When he had them all, he would begin the long months of hard work it would take to build his dream.

Fortunes generated by the Fortune Cookie FaceBook Application.



by | Jul 25, 2007

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