Fortune Cookie Prompt Exercise — 250 Words

He sat on the back porch, sipping from his lemonade bottle and smiling. There was nowhere for him to go, nowhere place he needed to be. When they’d handed him that gold watch, he’d thought the lack of schedule would drive him nuts.

Instead, the muscles in his shoulders were relaxing for the first time since he was a child. He no longer felt the weight of the retirement age that had sent him home. He woke when he was rested, slept when he was tired, and only looked at the clock when it was to glance at that watch and laugh.

The world went on whether you marked the passing of the seconds or not. Without the schedule of the daily grind, his life instead found rhythm. He was setting aside the metronome regulation of the minute hand, and finding more relaxed beat that had nothing to be with how much time was passing, and everything to do without how much he was enjoyed passing it. Time was no longer some commodity he was wasting, or something saved that he was spending, but a life that he was living.

Having no schedule wasn’t driving him nuts. In fact, his thinking was clearer than it had been in years. Without the regulation to the hours of his day, he was discovering what was important to him. For the first time in his adult like, without the distractions of the marked minutes, he was able to remember who he really was.

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by | Jul 17, 2007