Forgotten Lore, Raising Money for Chimps

Last year, Rhonda Parrish Last year, Rhonda Parrish released a collection of short stories by some of the writers who hang out on her Discord server.

We released the book for free, but also provided paperback copies. While planning the book, we decided any money raised would be donated to Fauna Foundation, a chimpanzee sanctuary.

For more about the reasons why, see Rhonda’s blog post about supporting the chimps.

I have a thing for chimpanzees. Not like the whole ‘chimp dressed up as a person ha ha isn’t that funny?’ thing, in fact, I kind of hate that thing. What I love is chimpanzees just being chimpanzees.

Rhonda Parrish

Forbidden magic, half-remembered Gods, the secrets to immortality, final outposts, bloody vengeance and fantastical creatures all abound in these stories by Krista D. Ball, Katelyn Brehm, M.L.D. Curelas, Rhonda Parrish, Katie Rodante, BD Wilson and Tristan Wolfe.

Forgotten Lore

Have your copy yet?

If you don’t have a copy of Forgotten Lore yet, you can get the eBook for free (or as low as we can price it when it comes to Amazon).

If you prefer a paperback copy, you can order one from Amazon and help us to support some chimps.

I really enjoyed participating in this project, and I hope you enjoy the stories.



by | Feb 8, 2023