February Patreon Summary

Poll Selection

February’s poll was for the January 2022 pick.

The first selection from the Year of Ideas is:

The prompt for this snippet was:

Reading room

So, kept that one in the title without remembering it.

Patreon Picks Stories Posted

This month I posted Starlight Walk, which is exclusively available to Snippets patrons for the next month. 

Mend the Fence, which was posted last month, is now available to all patrons.

Patreon Benefits

The story this month was Of No Consequence, featuring another of the characters from the same snippets as last month. It’s looking like the last two characters from that set will be the next two stories. This really shouldn’t surprise me, given the way I tend to group stories together.


Still brainstorming new tier names. I can’t quite settle on a theme to go with yet.



by | Feb 28, 2022